Options and other courses

Special trainings

The Studio originally had only three courses : singing, drama/theater and holistic& dance. This pluridisciplinary training gains from allowing students to discover new courses such as the creation and teaching course.

Creation course

The Studio, in collaboration with Double D Productions, allows you to have a backstage look at a big musical production through the creation course. Find out every step of the process with professional producers, writers, directors, makeup artists… in order to truly understand how to go from an idea to an actual stage.

Teaching course

The teaching course is finally available !
This is a two-year course ran by David Rozen that leads to the possibility of teaching our singing methods. You’ll witness some masterclasses and one-on-one classes given by David as a spectator, and will be taught classes dedicated to training in which you’ll experiment being a teacher with David’s feedback.
Furthermore, the theatrical approach as well as the physical, anatomical, physiologic and psychological approach will be developed during this course, in order to have a broad vision and become an enlightened teacher.


The Studio David Rozen organises masterclasses open to all. Each event is published on our social media.
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