Become a teacher

Teaching course

The teaching course is finally available !
This is a two-year course ran by David Rozen that leads to the possibility of teaching our singing methods. You’ll witness some masterclasses and one-on-one classes given by David as a spectator, and will be taught classes dedicated to training in which you’ll experiment being a teacher with David’s feedback.
Furthermore, the theatrical approach as well as the physical, anatomical, physiologic and psychological approach will be developed during this course, in order to have a broad vision and become an enlightened teacher.

Teaching masterclass

With a three-hour long masterclass twice a month, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your teaching skills by taking on the role of a teacher while being supervised by David Rozen. You’ll then be able to train on students.

Theoretical and practical masterclass

Following our teaching methods, you’ll be able to attend David Rozen’s audition masterclasses all year round in order to see a teacher in action. You’ll also have access to every theoretical masterclass taught for both level of students to extend your knowledge on anatomy and the singer’s physiology.

Educational follow-up of a student

All year round, you will follow the improvement of a student during their one-on-one class with David Rozen. At the end of year, you’ll run your own special class supervised by David.

Intensif internship of the Ilan Lev Method

As David Rozen’s approach is inspired by the holistic methods mixing different artistic and physical approaches, an intensive internship around the Ilan Lev Method will be taught to our future teachers.
This method allows the vanishing of tensions linked to personal matters in order to go back to a freedom of artistic expression. It’s a deep reconnection to the soul thanks to the self-awareness of the body through movement, a better circulation energies and voices for the artist’s well being and freedom of self.

Price :

84 hours for 3500 €