Holistic & Dance / Singing / Theater

Full course

The full course at the Studio includes 3 courses : singing, holistic & dance, theater. David Rozen wished to extend this course even more each year by adding new disciplines such as the creation course and the teaching course.

Those 3 courses can be both independent or complementary. Their main goal is to give our students technical and artistic abilities that’ll make them feel free as artists and as people. This physical and mental freedom is the core of the Studio David Rozen teachings. Once the body and the spirit are free, each being can finally let go.

Singing course

The singing course included technical voice lessons, coaching on several musical genres (pop, jazz, musical theater, French music…), anatomy and physiology classes, as well as the presence of a therapist.

Drama/Theater course

The theater course includes working on the classics of both cinema and theater, as well as mastering monologues. Once again, the course is associated to a physical expansion by learning different methods.

Holistic & Dance

This course, unique in France, offers our students a way of exploring different physical techniques like Ilan Lev. The Studio is the only school in France to use this technique that has such spectacular results.

Price :

4700 € (instead of 5350 €)