Our teaching approach

« Being a free artist starts with being a free being »

According to David Rozen, artists must live in the moment. They must find themselves rather than let someone else shape them into a mold. Each student is a diamond waiting to shine its light. Each student is invited to explore who they are, find their unity, what makes them unique and turn it into a strength, a talent.
The Studio sets the right to be wrong as its golden rule : it’s by making mistakes that the artist can start over and move forward. Making mistakes is part of the artist’s natural developing process. They shouldn’t see other people as fundamentally judgmental and suffer from it. At the Studio David Rozen, the benevolence from both the teachers and the students creates a the perfect climate to forget what other people think.
Out of all the therapeutic methods, Ilan Lev’s is to this day the best one to achieve a state of total letting go. Teaching it within the Studio David Rozen has only been possible after years of research. The Ilan Lev method brings movement towards obstructed parts of the body, as well as positive energies and a feeling of pure joy. It gives the body a better balance altogether. During his experiences, David Rozen also learned other methods such as Qi Gong, Gyrotonic or the Feldenkrais method ; all of which are included in his courses.