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Studio David Rozen

Professional performing arts school

« My name is David Rozen. Strong from my many experiences, I created the Studio David Rozenin order to share an innovative and never-before-seen teaching method with self-empowerment as its core value. »

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The Studio

Our teaching approach

According to David Rozen, artists must live in the moment. They must find themselves rather than let someone else shape them into a mold. Each student is a diamond waiting to shine its light. Each student is invited to explore who they are, find their unity, what makes them unique and turn it into a strength, a talent.

Our courses

Our courses can be both independent or complementary. Their main goal is to give our students technical and artistic abilities that’ll make them feel free as artists and as people. This physical and mental freedom is at the core of the Studio David Rozen teachings. Once the body and the spirit are free, each being can finally let go.

Dance and self-discovery
Acting classes
Song & music classes
Learn how to create a show
Teach our method
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They talk about us !

What our students think
  • During a singing masterclass, David wished to see the star in me. But what I value most in this school is how benevolent the teachers and students are. I really feel part of a whole !

  • I wanted to have a body that lives and moves, to find emotions buried inside of me during all these years on this earth and express them through characters and performances.

  • I learn to let go a little more each day and accept who I am.

  • I am thrilled to be part of the Studio David Rozen. I am grateful to have met each and every person here : students, teachers, the administration… What a joy to find ourselves in a benevolent school. THANK YOU !

  • I wanted to find a school to matches David Rozen’s teachings : sweet, benevolent and full of concrete advices for auditions and shows ! I needed to be more confident and free myself from judgment. It’s a quest to find myself as an artist and as a person.

  • When I joined the Studio, I was constantly wondering what other people thought of me but I realized that no matter what people think I have to stay myself. There’s always gonna be someone that’s touched by my talent because I stay true.

  • I feel less stressed out in both my personal and professional life. I have fun, I’m more creative and bold.

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